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Biscuit Gargol

Biscuit Gargol

Chief Compassion Officer

In my role as G&G Wealth's Chief Compassion Officer, I'm on a mission to enhance smile ratios, boost the Welcoming Atmosphere Index, and let our clients know just how thrilled I am that they are here. It's worth noting that my appearances in the office may vary, as I often am working remotely.

Here are a few fun facts about me: I respond to "no" and "stop," my favorites being "good dog" and "I love you." Beyond the office, I enjoy playing with my feline friends, spending quality time with my family, dominating at tug of war, and savoring belly rubs.

At G&G Wealth, we're committed to guiding, growing, and safeguarding our clients' preferred lifestyles, and we believe in having a good time along the way. With me as the Chief Compassion Officer, I ensure we stay accountable and keep those smiles going.